Drive safely know your body

Sleepiness can be a big problem behind the wheel. It can drastically slow down reaction time, awareness, and your judgment.
All our biological clocks are different, know yours. It tells you when your hungry, flucates your body temperature. Although it fluxuates, we all have basically a 24 hour period. Ussually everyone struggles around 2-5 in the afternoon and 2-6 in the morning. Takes extra care around those times and know what your body needs.
Stimulants can give you a false awareness. When you are sleep deprived they will not work. You are more likely to have little cat naps that last 4-5 seconds. When going 55 miles an hour that is 100 yards. That is enough time to do something terrible that you could regret for a long time. Sleep is not a voluntary movement. When you are deprived it will come upon you before you know it.
If you are tired pull over and take a 15 minute nap, if you think you can’t, just take it to rest, you will probably be surprised. There is good evidence that naps can promote alertness. Make sure when you sleep you are feeling rested when you wake, it could be that you might have a dangerous sleeping disorder. If the mailboxes turn into deer or bags into animals, your judgements are impaired.
Here are some danger signs: Your eyes close or go out of focus by themselves. You have trouble keeping your head up. You can’t stop yawning. You have wandering, disconnected thoughts. You don’t remember driving the last few miles. You have missed your exit. You keep drifting out of your lane. Your speed becomes variable.
Here are some tips to avoid driving tired:
If possible take a short nap just before you hit the road.
Be aware of yourself around those hours earlier in article.
Get a CB and talk to other drivers. If your in a team talk to other driver.
REMEMBER, do not put your life or anyone else’s at risk, pull over and take a nap!

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